Ilot Sancho – volcanic island

You can actually walk 2 mins in the sea, against the tides to reach the volcanic island. How does that sound ? 

Ilot Sancho is a little islet in the southern part of Mauritius. It is a very small island which is accessible and fun for a family picnic.



It was a perfect day to go over there. It was not a sunny day, but a fine one. Amelia and I bused there around 11.30. Our first motive reaching there was to get over the volcanic island. We rushed into the sea with our bags. The sea tides was high and we had to completely lift up our clothes. The water reached at waist level.  It needed to have control over the body and maintain the high tides against us, in order not to fall down. Fortunately there were little rocks underneath which helped maintaining the balance. We managed to get over there.



We took a good decision to wear our shoes while walking on the island. The volcanic rocks are so spiky, picky, and sharp  which might have hurt easily our feet.  The first thing I noticed when I reached there was a cute little couple enjoying the beautiful big waved tides. The perfect place to bring your partner for a romantic calm environment.




The island is covered with little bushy trees. While walking on the rocks, I could noticed little pools or accumulation of water here and there, in which  little craps or other sea animals made a living. It was such a beautiful solace to see those big crashing waves which echo with those volcanic rocks.




On this journey, I met many fishermen holding their fishing rope and waiting for the fish to get trapped. I approached one of them, asking about how they managed to get fish in such high tides. It was a question of patience and survival. Many fishermen have to wait one whole day to get few fish in order to survive for tonight diner. These fishermen are knowledgeable about the sea tides and weather conditions. They knew where to fish in different conditions. One handed me a freshly trapped fish. Oops it’s sliding in my hand and I can barely hold it.


Returning back on the beach, we changed into swimming suits to have a flavor of the sea. We couldn’t swim so much. But it was so nice sitting tight against a rock and enjoying those waves trying to pull us out. Those high tides made us scream sometimes, thinking we might get away with the fast flow.

Later on, came a family with all food stuffs who wanted to enjoy on the volcanic island. As the tides were high and there were children and women, they needed help. I was flexible enough to help that lady with her three rolls of belly fats, who could barely maintain any balance and was shouting in front of my place, while I was still holding her. Guess what ?  Her husband was so laughing at her and I was like being a saint to her. The worst part is that they were holding long bread in their hands and half of them got drenched. They will surely enjoy the curry alone. The man was generous, telling me to have a sip of mango juice while I was still helping his wife. I still wonder these things happened in the middle of reaching this volcanic island.


                 This place is a must to visit and enjoy with your loved ones. 






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