Flic en Flac sunset

Is it the sounds of those waves, the salty smell, the merging colors… or a combination of all ? Where shall I begin? This magnificent amalgam of those fitting clouds, the turning yellow red sun, the salty water opening my nostrils and the whispering wind. Wow !!! I wish I could give myself to this perfection. 

It was around 4.45 on that Thursday when I stepped into the beautiful Flic en Flac beach, which is found in the western part of Mauritius. The beautiful boats show overwhelmed the ambiance. I took out my shoes, and ran barefoot on the creamy soft sand. Every step felt like a powered touch beneath my feet. I walked across the beach, inhaling that salty air with the cool wind hitting against my face. My every step towards the sunset transformation brought me in a world of dream. That majesty filled my mind with the most beautiful dreams of colors, imaginations, creativeness, and love.


I don’t know how much time passed away when I finally calmed with the previously blue sky. The most brilliant yellow color complimented with slight red hues, merging with those bluish grey of the forthcoming night sky. They were all happily colliding with each other as the glory of paradise. The boats seemed to be dancing on the water to glorify the beauty. It was a cheerful sensation for me to stay more and more.

Children running with their dogs in the backgrounds, that couple sipping a sip from the bottle of wine, that shirtless man with his three rolls of fat bending down the sand chocking his cigar, little heads snorkeling like dolphins corns in the blue sea, that Rasta man walking with her cute girl on his shoulder. The atmosphere was threatening to take me away in a universe of divergence.


IMG_20170622_181508_433 - Copy

I touched the water, trying to catch those little waves which scrapes the stones, lashes the beach and releases. The water was warm at the top and cold underneath. I tried hard to flirt with this atmosphere for it to stay longer, but it slipped gradually. The sun set threatening to hide behind the horizon, bombarding its merging colors. The blue sky was in a great battle with the grey clouds, pushing them away to sleep faster.


This beach had such a medicinal smell, which brought many positive thoughts in my life. It is certainly a good idea to release your daily hectic life with this beautiful natural inspiration.




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