Fried rice special seafood – Mahebourg – Snack Coin Casse-Croute

Fried rice is one of the popular street and restaurants food in Mauritius. This dish is originated from China, but it found its place in the typical creole cuisine in a Mauritian adorn style.

I bought this seafood fried rice (Rs 200) at Rue de la Passe, Mahebourg, in a snack named Coin Casse-Croute. I ordered for a take away to eat it with a beautiful viewpoint at Mahebourg Waterfront.

It was so yummy when I turned those rice upside down. There was a delicious sauce underneath which was smelling so good. It contained mixed seafood like shrimps, octopus, mushrooms, fish, algae and finally with a topping of chopped egg slices. The rice was also mixed with bits and pieces of square chopped carrots and sliced cabbages. The rice was well cooked, not too hard to chew.

This dish was a real change of scenery to bring the best summer taste in front of the sea.

I recommend you to have a meal at this place when you are heading in the south. It is affordable and yummy.




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