Le Morne Brabant hiking

 The cool air is blowing. I looked up all around, still questioning where did my help came from. I crossed those big cliffs, those sliding rocks, that wailing wind, those trees thorns pricked in my flesh. I looked up at those clouds who were trying to fit themselves like a puzzle, and then I got my answer where did my help came from.[Video below]

We were a little adventurous crew, but finally paired up to start walking. My partner in this hiking turned out to be Hrish. I will make you meet him later. I think I could write an interesting memoir of those significant walks with people of the same interest and passions as mine, in which we were all thirsty for the same acquisition.



The morning was bright, tea was a must and a friend to trust for this journey. We started walking at 10.25. Little crew going together, still unaware of what was waiting for us forward. The paths were clear and well indicated. The soil on which we were walking was dried and cracked. Our hiking shoes are still clean and tight. Meeting other adventurous people on our way, we continued the up the down paths. While walking, my feet were not tired, but I needed to take long deep inhales. Not even half way, my throat started making some kind of weird noise when I was breathing. Sometimes, I would bend down to walk like a dying potato. Still, I knew I could make it all way long. Hrish would always ask if I was ok. I was not pretending. It’s just that I don’t like to feel any kind of pressure on me when I walk. Else I’m perfectly fine. Thank you for caring Hrish.

After one hour of walking, we finally reached a point to get a very nice viewpoint. We clicked some pictures and moved on. We were still uncertain of how much more longer we had to walk. Reaching there was our main task. At this point, the sun was hitting on straight of my head. There were trees all way long, but not enough high to hide under the shades. We hasted this way. I could feel that the peak sun was making me feel more tired and odd. So I needed to rush.

20170610_130544We soon reached a point where there was a green closed gate and a man aside. He was the security man who informed us that from this point, it was very dangerous to hike and we needed to sign a form to assume our own responsibility if something happens to us. We agreed and continued walking.  Really, now the game started. Those steep rocks, barely know where to put the legs, where to put the hands, where to move the body and behind was my bag. Those rocks were dangerous indeed. One false step could make me slide completely down.  I managed to get up slowly. At this point, no friend can even help you with the climb. Everyone had to hold his own body weight. But, we kept asking each other if everything was fine, as long as we got a point to hold ourselves and didn’t move.

Walking and walking. When am I going to reach ? Every time I looked up to see how much more. I looked up the sky. He was calling me. Where did my strength come from? His words lifted me to go more and more. The paths were uncertain, but I made the paths by walking.


We finally made it to the top, that incredible sight to be seen. The view from here is unbelievable. The ground half covered with the ocean and half with the tress. There was no one up, only me and Hrish. How cool was that. I got drenched in my own thoughts for a while, I could feel my tears of my achievement. Complete silence. So peaceful, yet scary. We must be some kind of hiking machines, together, victorious friends. Thank you God.

There was a big cross on top of the mountain. Le Morne is historic in the early 19th century. It a symbol of slaves’ fight for freedom, their torment and sacrifice. The cross is to commemorate the fact that many slaves jumped off this mountain to liberate themselves from further sufferings.

BeautyPlus_20170614225154_saveThe cool air is blowing. I looked up all around, still questioning where did my help came from. I crossed those big cliffs, those sliding rocks, that wailing wind, those trees thorns pricked in my flesh. I looked up at those clouds trying to fit themselves like a puzzle, and then I got my answer where did my help came from. Looking all way down and thinking how far and fast this human body could take me. I did not want to get down, but flew away like that Eagle. Free me in the sky. That wind was blowing, shaking my body, wanting to throw me down. All I could see now was steep punishment to get down. But, the inner voice whispered, “your own feet carried you all way long, you have learned all way long. It will get you down back, those little elephant feet”. Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.

After all these, I remembered Hrish, where is he ? The wind is shaking me and he can’t be seen. My head is fucked up now. OUFF !!! There he is, just hanging there. Ready to die. We clicked some nice photos, until our little crew joined up on top. Everyone was busy taking good shots, resisting against that blowing wind. It was one like no other. Those moments of insanity and full of enthusiasm  will always here to boost me one day in my old age.

Now getting down is compulsory. Baby precautious steps, we reached the green gate to find out that it was closed. OMG !!! Are we stuck at the top ? We screamed, “Is there anyone to unlock this door?” A voice came from the bottom and we were relieved.  We had few words with the security guy before moving on.

We soon reached at a point which is famously known to have a historical chair on top, in between the bush. We had a seat of course. Indeed it appeared so ancient and outdated.



After this, we continued our smooth path to get down. We also ran a bit for fun. Finally we ended at the beach to refresh ourselves. Awesome journey with awesome people.




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