La Roche Qui Pleure – The Weeping Rock

She watched those gigantic waves crashing relentlessly into the concrete rocks. The waves crashed violently against the man, but he kept still. He was crying, he is crying and he will keep crying. But, he will resist them. So, ride with the waves my friend. Ride with ease. Let the water splash its saltiness on your face. For you can keep the pace if you hold on to the real strength which is within You. 


Situated in the Southern part of Mauritius, few miles after Gris Gris, La Roche Qui Pleure stands for a weeping rock which resembles a half sided manly angry face. Guess what ? Do you think it is that easy to find that man. No No No !!!

He is playing hide and seek with everyone, underlying down other gigantic rocks. Rest assure, once you find him, you will not be able to take off your eyes from him. It looks a fake manly crafted piece of rock, yet a reality. If you stand a bit further from him, you can see the picture better, rather than standing on it and looking for him endlessly. Very often, the waves crash so hard and cover his entire face, that you can hardly finds him.



1.The face from where you can actually see the man is enough safe. But do not get so overwhelmed in taking his pictures that you forget your footsteps and might slide into the sea which is VERY DANGEROUS.

2. Wearing shoes will be better  due to pickly rocks which can hurt your feet.

La Roche Qui Pleure comes from the French sentence which is weeping rock. The high waves which crash up and fall down again in the sea, make a sliding water line in the eye of the rock. Hence, appearing like a crying man. This is where the name of this place came from.

It is strictly prohibited to swim or surf. yet, it is such a beautiful peaceful place for people to have great moments with family and friends. I personally think, if you have children underage who do not understand the intensity  of this dangerous place, better do not picnic too close to it. Else, there are also bench seats and trees on top of the rocks, where you can safely let your children play and still admire the swollen crashing waves furiously crushing against the basalic cliffs.


The strong underwater milky currents hit the seashore again and again. The water is deep and mean. But you have to ride the waves of life my friend. Some are high, some fierce, some with no end. But you will not be wiped away by them, IF you can ride the waves of life my friend.



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