Mauritius – The Natural Earth Palette Chamarel

The overlapping unusual beautiful patterns of color welcoming every individual with its natural beauty. Formed by volcanic rocks that cooled down at different temperatures, making it a valley of different wonders in the hillsides. Illusion of different colors poping out from the earth, I soon realized that my eyes deceived me. They were real natural effect of earthen meringue, carved by the rains in different sequences. Mix them together, they will eventually separate from each other into layers.


Situated in the Southwest of Mauritius, The Seven Colored Earth (la terres de 7 couleurs) and the Chamarel Falls (Cascade Chamarel) are the two natural wonders which one should surely visit. On the way to Seven Colour Earths, you can stop to have a splendid view of the 83m (272ft) waterfalls from the top deck. If you want to reach down the Cascades, you can head down the trail to enjoy the bottom view and relax your hiking walk with a cool swim. The waterfalls are surrounded by green bushy vegetation.You can have a vivid view of the waterfalls from both a lower and an upper viewpoint from the Black River National Park.


Heading further to the waterfalls is the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth reserve. It is a relatively small area of sand dunes consisting of natural distinct earth colors. They can be seen in approximately red, brown, green, purple, blue, yellow and violet colors. This delicately natural complex will indeed influence how you feel physically and temper your mood. The power to influence your emotional state of well-being, your attention level, and your receptivity. The nature’s play of color, light, and feeling that the human senses respond to.


It is strictly prohibited to enter this area for natural preservation. It is a two sided visit zone. You can have multiple photos from different angles. If you are hungry, there is a restaurant on the same spot where you are allowed to take your photos. If ever, you want to have souvenirs from this beauty spot, there is a boutique at the entrance where you can buy chains, rings or pots of the Seven Colored Earths. To visit more, just below the colored earths, tortoises are exposed within the area.


Situated in the vicinity of the Coloured Earths of Chamarel, another most popular tourist attractions and the place to visit while in Mauritius, is the Rhumerie. As you can already know the name Rhum itself is associated with alcohol. Lined with vast plantations of sugar cane growing on parellel with pineapples and other tropical fruits, La Rhumerie de Chamarel is one of the rare distilleries still in activity to cultivate its own sugarcane. The selection of different crops allow the Chef Blender to pick the finest lots for the White Rums and the Old Rums. So, if you are 18+ and would love to taste the best Rums, you know where to go !!!


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