Mauritius – Ilot Brocus

Have you ever visited Ilot Brocus ? If not, these photos and reviews will surely convince you to add it to your must-see list. This beautiful beachfront land is located on the south east of Mauritius, just a few minutes’ drive from the airport. Thanks to the splendid coastline hugging Le Bouchon sea. Are you ready to discover this incredible adventure with me? Common, unleash all your worries about work and get into a cool soothing mood.

How does that sound to cross-walk the sea to reach another seashore ? Yes, you can actually walk for around 4 mins in the sea to reach the nest sea border.  Here, the nature is thriving with flocks of flying birds and the tranquility atmosphere. This is surely a beach experience that will actually takes you away from your usual routine life, making you more relax and settle your thoughts. The sublime spaces in between the two seashores, less crowded and peaceful is a unique beach culture experience. The small soulful waves with soft sugary sands lapping gently over and over makes good sense not to escape this place.

The South of Mauritius is commonly known for its beautiful peaceful beaches. Blue Bay, la Cambuse, Pointe d’Esny, Riambel, and Riviere des Galets are among the best ones. Beach lovers often set up camps with their myriad towels, umbrellas, chairs, tables, spending hours basking in the sun or some of them reading a novel.

Reaching the other shore, you will find this little heaven with the most soothing water patterns rolling with the blowing wind. Here, the atmosphere is so peaceful. You can barely notice anyone. I stepped my feet in the greenish water and finally drenched myself all over for a good swim. The green mangroves trees’ reflection imposed on the water surface make it appear as underwater algae from further distance. But, believe me, the water is so clear underneath. Besides, the water is so cool that it can actually refresh your mind after a hectic week. Though, this natural pool almost merges with the sea, the water is crystal tasteless.  What makes this spot more beautiful are the mangroves trees roots coming up out of the water, appearing like continuous wood decorations along the borderline. 

Spending hours at the other border, walking along the endless seashore, jumping over the continuous smooth rocks, watching those big waves are the best activities to do. Let me tell you guys, at the other border, the sea continues all along, but swimming is restricted. You are allowed to swim only in between the two borders. Nevertheless, fishermen visit the swimming restricted zone who usually  have knowledge about the sea frequency and  the tides. It is advisable not to spend too much time over the second borderline as precautionary measures.  You might have cross the sea when there was smooth tiny tides, but then if the sea level rises over hours, it will become difficult to cross. Not only for people who does not know how to swim, but also for people who carried out their important stuffs (mobiles, food, clothes)  with them.
I am currently standing on the second borderline of the sea. I have to walk or swim all over(see the arrow) to reach the first borderline. Concerning children, parents are advised to take full responsibility to allow them crossing the sea. To reduce maximum risk, it is better to walk across the second border bare handed and return safely. Camps, food, drinks should not be brought on the other side. If ever, you are trapped on the next side, it is very difficult to find someone for help. There is also a lack of small boats on this side to come for help. There is no other way to return back to the first seashore. The sole path remains the sea-walking path. 
The first side of the beach occupies a big square like cement concrete lot, where I’m actually standing in the first picture. This concrete continues a bit further in the sea. You should be very careful while walking on it. It is VERY VERY slippery. If ever you missed your steps and fall down, there are even more rocks underneath the water to hurt you. So !!! ALWAYS BE CAREFUL. 

Guess what guys, while walking on the great big rocks, I found a great inspiration for life. Along with the big hitting waves ( as you can see in the picture), the cool air, and the salty oxygen made it perfect for a natural nasal heeling therapy. So, yes, I actually found a small tree coming (growing) out of no where in a dry rock. This was the best thing I found that day. It was truly inspiring to see something so tiny, making its place in between such a big dry rock. It had no soil to get its nutrients, maybe some sparkles of salty water would hit it, the wind was so intense. Yet, it stands firmly. 

Here you are guys, I present you little strong tree. 
As the English proverb goes on “where there is a will, there is a way”. Isn’t it so attractive and inspiring? This is how we should be living in real life. Standing alone, overcoming all the hard circumstances, yet, at the end shining like a proud creature on Earth. People who follows the crowd tend to be boring. The real inspiring people are those who stand alone and fight for what they believe is right. This is true attraction.
Without getting too deep into my philosophy, this road trip is the the real inspiration for you start planning your summer holidays. For an escape from crowds,  this primitive spot will beat up the paths with incredible views. The shore lining up with coral sands, blending into startling blue water are the kinds of bliss you need to be testimony. 
Additional Information:
  • The beach occupies a public toilet and bathroom
  • Bins are available nearby, not to dispose wastes everywhere.
  • There is a large surface of grass playground for your children.
  • Seashore have small tides. ( less dangerous)
  • Stray dogs – keep you stuffs carefully

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