Mauritius – Ilot Brocus

Have you ever visited Ilot Brocus ? If not, these photos and reviews will surely convince you to add it to your must-see list. This beautiful beachfront land is located on the south east of Mauritius, just a few minutes’ drive from the airport. Thanks to the splendid coastline hugging Le Bouchon sea. Are you... Continue Reading →


Animal Lovers – Hurry up to Casela Nature Park

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ― Anatole France More than just a zoo, Casela Nature park is an extraordinary experience with animals. Whether you wish to enjoy the bliss among tamed animals or with outstanding viewpoints. Boost up your adrenaline to some serious adventures where every visitor is... Continue Reading →

Mauritius – The Natural Earth Palette Chamarel

The overlapping unusual beautiful patterns of color welcoming every individual with its natural beauty. Formed by volcanic rocks that cooled down at different temperatures, making it a valley of different wonders in the hillsides. Illusion of different colors poping out from the earth, I soon realized that my eyes deceived me. They were real natural... Continue Reading →

La Roche Qui Pleure – The Weeping Rock

She watched those gigantic waves crashing relentlessly into the concrete rocks. The waves crashed violently against the man, but he kept still. He was crying, he is crying and he will keep crying. But, he will resist them. So, ride with the waves my friend. Ride with ease. Let the water splash its saltiness on... Continue Reading →

Eau Bleue non-resisting turquoise water

It's depth was unimaginable. The deep turquoise blue water slowly gentling on my feet. I tried to catch it, but it escaped through my hands. The loud sounds of the larger waterfall pounding on the rocks, hitting them so hard, yet they kept resisting that pressure all their life. The divinity pool at the bottom... Continue Reading →

Le Morne Brabant hiking

 The cool air is blowing. I looked up all around, still questioning where did my help came from. I crossed those big cliffs, those sliding rocks, that wailing wind, those trees thorns pricked in my flesh. I looked up at those clouds who were trying to fit themselves like a puzzle, and then I got... Continue Reading →

Flic en Flac sunset

Is it the sounds of those waves, the salty smell, the merging colors... or a combination of all ? Where shall I begin? This magnificent amalgam of those fitting clouds, the turning yellow red sun, the salty water opening my nostrils and the whispering wind. Wow !!! I wish I could give myself to this... Continue Reading →

Ilot Sancho – volcanic island

You can actually walk 2 mins in the sea, against the tides to reach the volcanic island. How does that sound ?  Ilot Sancho is a little islet in the southern part of Mauritius. It is a very small island which is accessible and fun for a family picnic.   It was a perfect day to... Continue Reading →

Lion mountain hiking

The mountains were in front of me, holding an irresistible attraction. They were calling me. They were challenging me to come on top and shout. To overcome these magnificent beauty was to prove myself capable of surmounting those obstacles. The dare to submit oneself. [Video below] I went up with the Adventure Club on that... Continue Reading →

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